Cultural corridor Chapultepec

By Cancerbero Studio13 September, 2015

Last month was presented a new project of development for the city of Mexico: the Cultural corridor Chapultepec (CCC), an elevated linear park that “increase of 9,878 a 61,297 the existing public space m2”, but at the same time “It will promote the culture and strengthen the economy”.




The project to be approved by the public consultation that the City Government will carry out, It would be developed by the office of Fernando Romero, FR-EE, in collaboration with FRONT architecture and RDGV architecture + urban planning.

According to the official site of the project, the project was structured under the following premises:

  1. Favouring the creation of a cultural space that it can be enjoyed by all citizens and who treats the detected problem.
  2. Create and operate the infrastructure needed, without providing public resources, or generate debt.


This project will connect to the colonies Juarez, Roma and Condesa in an attractive tour among the forest of Chapultepec and the Insurgentes Glorieta. The new space, Search “give priority to pedestrians and cyclists”, In addition to “double the number of trees”, Although the report does not provide data on how much space it will be destined to the automobile and its circulation.

The section that corresponds to the street rises in 4 different levels: sidewalk, mezzanine, first level and second level. What is sought with this is to overcome and avoid the levels of traffic on this road.

The space destined to the culture, they will be divided into seven areas:

  • Painting
  • Architecture
  • Music
  • History
  • Cinema
  • Literature
  • Photography















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