The hyper-realistic illustration of Marcello Barenghi

By Cancerbero Studio1 June, 2015

The Hyper-realism It is the trend that seeks to reproduce objects or everyday landscapes with great detail, as if a photography were.

It is a very technical power as to achieve the desired results must be correctly master the use of lights and shadows, reflections, the textures of materials, as well as the perspectives.

A modern representative of is trend is Italian Marcello Barenghi who through social networks such as YouTube and Facebook, It has unveiled his art to the world.

His work is really amazing since it supports different tools to achieve drawings very realistic, through a video in time lapse We can appreciate the step by step of his work, which includes currency, candy wrappers, glass bottles, soft drink cans, jewelry, among other objects of daily use.

Here are some of his work, and don't forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel, as well as take a look at his website to learn more and to be updated of what this Illustrator share with his community.












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