Snap it!

By Cancerbero Studio22 June, 2015

Creativity can impress us every day, However, This would be useless if not able to generate objects or ideas which compliment us everyday.

This is the case of SNAP, a useful tool that gives us the ease of transform almost any surface into a piece of furniture, from a table to a shelf.



Created by Be-elastic, SNAP is a mounting system It does not require additional drilling or construction tools for use, It is a structure with snaps of precision and flexible material, so it is no more necessary to create something new to give a different touch to your space. In addition, We can find it in different colors.







It is capable of withstand heavy weights and it is very versatile when required working with different surfaces: a marble slab, a piece of wood or a metal wheel. SNAP is designed to work in any form and size.

We invite you to know more of this project in its campaign within KickStarter.








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